Other Tutors

Note: If you are a tutor or know of one, e-mail me so we can meet and I can learn enough about you so that I can include you on the list below.

I can recommend the following tutors:

Younger Students, Literacy, Organization, Study Skills, PSAT, SAT

Brett Larson, brettlarsonlove@gmail.com, (503) 913-9821‬

High School Math and Physics, PSAT, SAT, ACT

Abby Larson, abbylarsontutoring@gmail.com, ‭(503) 913-0457‬

High School Physics & Math

Eleanor Solomon, eleanorjsolomon@gmail.com

Eleanor is a 2017 WHS Graduate of Wilson High School and a former student of mine. Her rates are less than older, more experienced tutors, and are also negotiable. 

High School Physics

Terry Burch, terrybtutoring@gmail.com, ‭(503) 927-1378‬

Preston Fosbach, ‭(503) 360-2656‬

High School Chemistry

George Penk, pinneypenk@gmail.com, (503) 946-6356‬

Nathan Noyer, Nathan.noyer@gmail.com, 503-475-4610

Tom Giese, tomandnora@comcast.net, ‭(503) 522-1245‬

High School Math, College Admissions

Debby Barany, 503.314.0728, deborahbarany@gmail.com

High School Students Available for Math and Science

Josh Bromley, joshua@mattbromley.com, ‭(971) 256-3288‬

Rachel Weirnick, rachel.weirnick@gmail.com

English and Writing

Amy Minato, amyminato@mac.com

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