Note: If you are a tutor or know of one, e-mail me so we can meet and I can learn enough about you so that I can include you on the list below.

I can recommend the following math tutors:

Math up to Second Year Algebra, Specializing in Students with Learning Issues

Darcy Rubin,, ‭(503) 969-7207‬

High School Math through Calculus

Debby Barany, 503.314.0728,

Abby Larson,, ‭(503) 913-0457‬

Eleanor Solomon,
Eleanor is a 2017 WHS Graduate of Wilson High School and a former student of mine. Her rates are less than older, more experienced tutors, and are also negotiable.

High School Students Available for Math Tutoring at Very Affordable Rates

Josh Bromley,, ‭(971) 256-3288‬. Available soon. November 2019.

Elaine Demetrion, esdemetrion@gmail.comAvailable now. November 2019.

Mateo Stange, stangemateo@gmail.comAvailable now. November 2019.

Rachel Weirnick, rachel.weirnick@gmail.comAvailable now. November 2019.

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