AP Physics

Recent WHS Graduates Who Did Very Well in AP Physics 1 and/or
AP Physics C: Mechanics and who are still around SW Portland

Gabe Colasurdo, gabecolasurdo@gmail.com, ‭(503) 308-3202‬Available now. June 2020

Josh Bromley, joshua@mattbromley.comAvailable now. June 2020.

Rachel Weirnick, rachel.weirnick@gmail.comAvailable now. June 2020.

Elaine Demetrion, esdemetrion@gmail.comAvailable now. June 2020.

Professional Tutors

Abby Larson, abbylarsontutoring@gmail.com, (503) 913-0457
Rates: $80/hour for individual. $40/hour for small groups.
Meets in Multnomah Village

 Available now. June 2020.


Terry Burch, terrybtutoring@gmail.com, (503) 927-1378
Meets Beaverton Library and Hollywood Library in NE Portland
Rate: $65/hour

Available now. June 2020.


Preston Fosbach, (503) 360-2656
Contact Preston for rates and meeting locations.

Available now. June 2020.

Scott Fuller, 503 319 1077
Wilson High School dad and Ph. D. Physicist.
Contact Scott for rates and meeting locations.

Availabiliy unsure. June 2020.

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