AP Physics Tutors

Current WHS Students Who Did Very Well in AP Physics 1 and/or
AP Physics C: Mechanics

Low hourly rate to be negotiated with each peer tutor. 

Josh Bromley, joshua@mattbromley.com; not tutoring until he gets his college appications done; some time in November?

Rachel Weirnick, rachel.weirnick@gmail.com.

Recent WHS Graduates Who Did Very Well in AP Physics 1 and/or
AP Physics C: Mechanics and who are still around SW Portland

I am working on finding some!


Professional Tutors

Abby Larson, abbylarsontutoring@gmail.com, (503) 913-0457
Rates: $80/hour for individual. $40/hour for small groups.
Meets in Multnomah Village


Terry Burch, terrybtutoring@gmail.com, (503) 927-1378
Meets Beaverton Library and Hollywood Library in NE Portland
Rate: $65/hour


Preston Fosbach, (503) 360-2656
Contact Preston for rates and meeting locations.

Scott Fuller, 503 319 1077
Wilson High School dad and Ph. D. Physicist.
Contact Scott for rates and meeting locations.

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