Quick Utility Estimate 

Potential renters often ask about the cost of utilities. These, of course, can vary based on the number of occupants and lifestyle choices. When we have lived in the house, this is what we have found for a family of four, adjusted for inflation.

Electricity, Pacific Power

Bills vary from 12 – 80, peaking in winter

Average $40/month

Water and Sewer, City

Bills vary from 20 – 60, peaking in summer

Average $30/month



We used about 3 cords at $150/cord = $450

Average $45/month, fill woodshed in late spring


Propane, Ed Staub and Sons

Average $20 - $50/ month depending on how much you use it. Fill tank at end of lease.


Phone, Verizon

$30 - $75/month depending on service.



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