In the summers of 2018 and 2019 “we" had a wonderful series of astronomy events in Wallowa County (far northeast Oregon.) We had to skip 2020 due to the pandemic. It was so much fun and so successful that we hope to do it again in 2021. Here is a photo album from 2018. Here is a .pdf of a slide presentation that I give. 


Who: These events are sponsored by Wallowa Lake State ParkWallowology, and Coriolis. Coriolis is my private business. They are NOT an official event or Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School and are not sponsored by Portand Public Schools. That would be way too much paperwork.

However, part of the big idea is to get Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School Astronomy Club alumni to come out to Wallowa County to help host an astronomy event for families visiting Wallowa Lake State Park. As a thank you, I will host at least one  “private” dark sky star party. There will also be lots of other opportunites for fun, not limited to Astronomy.

Current Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School students and members of the IBWHS Astronomy Club are welcome to come, but only with their parents. This is a family event!

We also encourage local Wallowa County folks to get involved. This is meant to be a bit of an urban/rural mixer.

When: Summer 2021, around the July 9, New Moon, further details pending. Send me an email and I will update you when the details are available. If you are planning to attend and you do not live in Wallowa County, arrange to stay at least Thursday, July 8 - Tuesday, July 13. 

What: A Few Star Parties in the Wallowa

Public Star Parties in Wallowa Lake State Park: We* will set up telescopes and lead a star party from dusk - midnight. The guests at this event are the visitors camping at Wallowa Lake State Park. We will have a 10 - 11 pm event for families with small children, then an 11 - midnight event for ages 16 and up. We will have at least one evening of these. Exact date pending.

*We might include you! If you are an amateur astronomer or wish to be trained, contact me.

Semi-Public Star Parties in the Joseph/Enterprise Area: Similar to the State Park event above. However,  the guests at this event are Wallowa County locals of all ages. We can go past midnight too! Exact date pending.

Private Dark Sky Event: Anyone who helps out on any portion of the events aove is invited to an all-night Private Dark Sky Party at a site to be determined, but it will be DARK! Exact date to be determined.

Where to Stay: Participants need to find their own place to stay. There are hotels, B & Bs, and campgrounds. But the tourist season is short and popular in the Wallowas. You will need to get on it and find a place! A good place to start looking is the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce. You can also Google “Where to stay in Wallowa County."

Food: Participants need to provide their own food. You can go to restaurants or bring your own. Again, check out the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce

Fun: There is lots to do in the Wallowa besides the astronomy events. Ride the tram, day hikes, backpacking, ride the rails, visit art museums, and endless nature study. I will commit to make sure you get the help and advice you need to make this a very special experience for you. Once again, visit the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce

How to Get Involved: Let me know. Send me an email.

© Joseph Minato 2021