Max Goldstein’s Astroimages

Max Goldstein just graduated from Wilson High School. He is a self-taught astroimager. Below are 12 of his favorite images.

Here are some notes from Max: "My setup right now is the Ioptron Skyguider Pro, a Nikon D3300, and a Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 (af-s version). With this setup I can image larger nebulae, globular/open clusters, some brighter galaxies, the moon, the sun (with a proper solar filter) and can do wide images of the Milky Way. These were stacked with DeepSkyStacker with support frames and processed in Photoshop and Lightroom.”

Note from Joe Minato: “I have not helped Max on this in anw way. His WHS photography teacher, Matt Carlson, says he has not helped at all and is stunned by Max’s skill. Go, Max, Go! Keep sending your images. Max has also allowed the WHS Astronomy Club to print postcards of the eclipse image and sell them as a fundraiser! Thanks, Max."

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