Workshop Participants

“Not every poet can teach and not every teacher of poetry can write it at the highest level.  Amy is rare in that she is both a fine poet and an exceptional teacher. Her poetry writing workshop at Breitenbush was more than just what I was hoping to find in a workshop, it turned out to be exactly what I needed to find in a workshop. Amy delights in fine writing; she inspires her students to join her in pushing themselves to look for the best they have to offer, and she does it in a way that affirms the value of one's struggle. Amy is a talented guide and fellow traveler into the mysteries and rewards of embracing the poet in oneself. You'll thank yourself for taking one of her workshops.”        - Reed Clarke, Breitenbush Workshop 

“This was the best experience (like this) that I have ever had. It beats them all! It was informative, personal and intimate. The writing exercises and partner-critique sessions were very helpful.”  Fishtrap Writing Workshop participant

 “Very helpful prompts and structuring. Encouraged participation and dialogue. A superb instructor/facilitator.” Writing Circle participant

“Amy is an extraordinary instructor and was great as a group leader. I loved all the writing we did; even though some of it came hard to me, it was all so valuable.”  Opal Creek Workshop participant.

Writing Coach Participants

"Perceptive, intuitive, kind, and humorous. As a person, a writer and a coach. Amy is a serious writer. I chose her, when my book was in infancy, because we shared many similar experiences as mothers, women and lovers of this wild and adventurous world, but mainly because she is a gifted writer. Like a new mother I wasn’t sure what to feed my book, when to burp it, when to just lay it down and give it a rest. I needed someone to tell me my baby was beautiful! Like a good midwife, Amy calmed all my irrational and imagined fears. She challenged me. She worked with me. And finally, she understood me. Writing a book, any book, takes a great deal of courage. Hemingway said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Hah! Amy understands that kind of depth and what it takes it get there. It was a very positive experience working with her." - Pamela Royes, author, Temperance Creek

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