Telescope Library

This is the combined home of the Ida B. Wells High School telescope library and my personal telescope library.

Loaning Priority

The telescopes on this site are all available to loan out in the following priority:

1. Current members of the IBWHS Astronomy Club

2. Any teacher or volunteer who will share the telescope with youth

3. Alumni of the IBWHS Astronomy Club

4. Anyone else!


Most of the telescopes are owned by me, or loaned to me by friends specically to be part of this telescope libary. These I can loan to anyone.

A few were donated to IBWHS and are thus owned by the school. One is owned by Lincoln High School and on loan to IBWHS. These can be loaned only to folks with a Portland Public School connection. 

No Fee to Borrow a Telescope; Donations Welcome

There is no fee for borrowing a telescope. However, if you borrow a telescope owned by PPS I encourage you to make a donation to the WHS Astronomy Club. A special interest group of the club, The Telescope Group, maintains the telescope owned by PPS. The IBWHS Astronomy Club is free to any WHS student and needs donations. Any donations are tax deductible. You can donate using SchoolPay.

If you borrow one of my telecopes or one loaned to me, feel free to discuss with me ways that you can support this project.

Help Needed

Ideally, I would like a IBWHS Astronomy Club member or two to be in charge of the portion of the Telescope Library owned by the school. This would make a great senior project. Let me know if you are interested.

Additionally, if you are an adult telescope enthusiast, there is need to your too. Contact me!

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