Room 238

There are a ton of projects to be done in Room 238 that would make it a much better place to learn science.


  • Choose a topic area, say “Optics” for example. Collect and study all the optic gear we have. Do experiments with it. Find out what else we need to do better and more interesting projects. Make a shopping list.


  • Room 238 is not earthquake safe. Learn what it would take to make it so. Modify the storage areas.


  • Wouldn’t it be nice if Room 238 were a more confortable and attractive place to study? Make a proposal to do a project.
  • New paint
  • A mural
  • A more comfortable area with better chairs to read and talk science

Air Quality

  • The air quality in Room 238 and much of WHS is quite poor. Research air filters.
  • Build a “swamp cooler” to act as an air conditioner when it gets hot.

Bulletin Board

  • Design a bulletin board for the space on the south wall near the front of the classroom

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