AP Physics 2

Take AP Physics 2 Topics and design a lab


  • Build a Bernoulli Blower
  • We have at least one vacuum pump. Figure it out. Fix it. Do vacuum experiments


  • Build a Swamp Cooler

Electric Force/Field/Potential; Electricity; Circuits

  • Learn all about Arduinos


  • Figure out how to restore the permanent magnets that we have; we have a magnet “charger"


  • Build an electromagnet
  • Build a motor
  • Build a dynamo

Optics, Light, Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Explore lasers; try to build one
  • Explore the spectroscopy equipment we have, in the context of chemistry, astronomy, or other field
  • Explore the Michelson Interferometry kits we have

Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics

  • We have an entire lead-lined cabinet of old radiation supplies; figure out what we have; do something with it

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