Fix It

There is lots of old broken equipment hanging around the science classrooms. Find something and fix it! The list below is certainly not exhaustive!

Broken Stuff

An Old Record Turntable. I am sure there is something you can do with this related to rotational motion.

Homemade Spectroscope. Figure this out. Improve it. Observe the spectrum of the Sun. Figure out what the Sun is made of.

Various Optics Experiment. Including a couple versions of a Michelson Interferometer. Lots of room to run with some optics here.

Newton’s Cradles. We have one that works. Two that are broken. Learn the physics, fix the broken ones, make a bigger one.

Old Cathode Ray Tubes. There must be something you can do with these. Ask the chemistry teachers.

Oscilloscopes. We have several old oscilloscopes. I think they mostly work. Learn all about oscilloscopes. Figure out how to use them. Do an experiment that uses one. I have a parent volunteer who knows oscilloscopes who is willing to help.

Vacuum Pumps and Bell Jars. The school has as least 3 of these. Learn how to use them. Find a way to measure the pressure in side of the. Do some low pressure experimets.

Tons of Old Electronics. I have barely begun to sort through all of the signal generators, resistors, bread boards, and much, much more. 

Other Random Stuff. Ask of a tour of my table of old random stuff. Some of it I don’t even know what it is. Find out!

Talk to other science teachers about chemistry, biology, Earth science, and other gear that may need fixing.


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