Student Names, Working Titles, And Mentor Status

Are you interested in being a mentor for one of the projects below? I would love to hear from you. Scan the list and let me know by email.

Zoe Bennet & Eli Molloy

Working Title: Creating a vegetarian cookbook that explores delicious meals, the science behind plant-based proteins, and the environmental impact of a plant-based versus animal-based diet.

Mentor Status: We do not currently have a mentor. Eli is talking with his dad to help with the food aspect of the project (which could include the farming part of it too). We still need to find someone to help with the protein and chemistry aspect.

Sophia Burton

Working Title: Bicycle generator to power the theater.

(Sophie want to figure out how to use generators connected to stationary bicycles to power a theater production set in a post-apocalyptic setting.)

Mentor Status: WHS Theater director Jamie Miller is available for the theater end of things. Emile Lemoine is an engineer and father of WHS grads who is willing to help.

Xander Atwood is a FIRST Robotics alumni and has a degree in theater and is interested in helping too.

Dan Schlesinger is a possibility too.

Shane Cameron-Pizzo

Working Title: Replication of the famous 1798 Cavendish experiment used to find the universal gravitational constant.

Mentor Status: Martin Waugh.

Cooper Curtin

Working Title: Investigating different factors that affect the rate of plant growth using Wisconsin Fast Plants 

Mentor Status: George Penk, retired Chemistry teacher at Wilson High School, avid gardener


Tim Denniston

Working Title: Exploring resonant frequencies in mechanical, acoustic, and electromagnetic systems.

Mentor Status: Need a mentor, planning to ask Ms. Nichols, WHS physics teacher. But I am interested in another mentor too.


Jade Fautstich

Working Title: Construction of three different animation toys, the zoetrope, stroboscope, and phénakisticope as an investigation into the history of animation from its beginnings to the digital age.

Mentor Status: No mentor needed.


Charlotte Fay

Working Title Project 1: "Intragroup variation: The philosophy and biological mechanics of race”

Mentor Status: Meghan Hammond for race project. 

Working Title Project 2: “The cognitive overlap of humans and higher order animals.”

Mentor Status: Mentor needed. 


Benjamin Fowler

Working Title: Construction of a go kart from an old lawnmower motor and other salvaged parts.

Mentor Status: Dad will act as mentor.


Aaron Grimshaw

Working Title: Understanding solid rocket motors through video analysis

Mentor Status: My uncle, Brad Jenkins, who is a model rocketry hobbyist.


Fatima Hobaish

Working Title: The study of environmental racism via air quality and demographics regarding public middle schools in Portland OR.

Mentor Status: Mentor needed. An air quality specialist who can help me measure benzene or other air pollutants on school grounds that are near freeways.


Elliot Jeffords

Working Title: Making acrylic paints.

Mentor Status: An artist with an interest in making paints. Or a scientist knowledgably about paint chemistry. Or both. Allison McClay?

New mentor for genetics project: Rebecca Matthews.


Jack Kelly

Working Title: How does music effect cognitive ability?

Mentor Status: WHS psychology teacher Tim Loveless will provide help. However, a additional mentor is desired. Karen Solomon, Ph. D. Psychology.

Mentor: Larry Sherman.


Devon Johnson

Working Title: Better energy for a better world: How and why we should be making biomass into bio-fuel.

Mentor Status: No mentor needed yet. Mr. MacDicken, WHS AP biology teacher at WHS could be a possibility. It is likely I will need another mentor.

Hayden Lohr

Working Title: To Determine the effects of the Eagle Creek Fire on the Columbia River Gorge.

Mentor Status: I have been emailing with Alyssa Thornberg, USFS park ranger. She seems interested in helping and/or connecting me with someone who an help.

Also Laurie Wall.

New Idea: A landscape plan for the garden area at WHS. Perhaps a pollinator garden.

Talk to George Penk. Talk to person at Portland Public Parks who is doing pollinator garden in Gabriel park.

Madeline Mapes

Working Title: Black Water river systems and the life supported by its unique water chemistry

Mentor Status: Allison Aldous, Freshwater Scientist PhD, the Nature Conservancy

Jennifer Naranjo-Alvez

Working Title: The complexity and evolution of the human eye: A study on the anatomy, physiology, and evolution of the eye.

Mentor Status: Ann Edmonds, Doctor of Optometry, The Eye Group Associates, Portland, OR. Perhaps also Martin Waugh.


Cameron Smith

Working Title: Forensic investigation of the death of Kurt Cobain.

Mentor Status: Mentor needed.


Taegan Snyder

Working Title: Measuring the light curve and determing the mass, volume, and density of an exoplanet.

Mentor Status: Ken Hose or other mentor from the Rose City Astronomers


Ezra Stuckless

Working Title: Measuring the rotational velocity of Jupiter through spectrographic analysis

Mentor Status: Ken Hose or other mentor from the Rose City Astronomers


Annika Sundstrom

Working Title: Studying ,yalination and the myaline sheeth through pediatric neurology

Mentor Status: Dr. Stephen Back, Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology, Oregon Health & Science University


Daltry Russo

Working Title: Plastic recycling from beginning to end

(This is a two part project. Part I is learning to become a Master Recycler and helping WHS do a better job recycling. Part II is learning the chemistry of plastic recycling and finding a way to make it work better.)

Mentor Status: Chao Phan Mende, Master Recycler. Still needed: A mentor with knowledge of the chemistry of plastics.

Kendall Kic, recycling guru.


Rachel Russo

Working Title: Studying the glaze chemistry in ceramics and how the chemicals effect the glaze color.

Mentor Status: Andrew Butterfield, WHS Ceramics teacher


Justine Wendt

Working Title: Use parallax to measure the distance to a star.

Mentor Status: Ken Hose or other mentor from the Rose City Astronomers


Parker Wilcox

Working Title: Gray Wolf Reintroduction to Oregon and The Cascades

Mentor Status: Rob Klavins, wolf expert with Oregon Wild. Bekke Elgin, Author of Journey, a book about OR-7, and Joanie Beldin, educator with Wolf Haven


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