The role of a mentor varies substantially from project to project, student to student. In time, I will add a few typical examples below. For now, mentors should work with the student to find a role that feels appropriate, document the nature of the mentoring, and let me (Joe Minato, instructor, email) know.

All mentors must pass a PPS Volunteer Background Check. Click on the link and follow the instructions. It takes only a couple minutes to complete. It takes about a week to get clearance.

General Guidelines

I am working on a detailed mentor agreement. In the mean time, please follow these rules:

A mentor will never meet alone with a student. Always meet in a public space with other adults and/or students nearby.

While these students are all amazing young adults, mentors will remember that they are still minors. There should be no alcohol, drugs, sexual discussion or situations of any kind*. If mentors are ever in doubt of what is appropriate, they will contact me, Joe Minato.

* Acadmeic discussions related to the topic at hand are, of course, acceptable.

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