Initial Proposal

Write a preliminary proposal for your project. 

Here are some things to cover:

1. What is the basic idea of your project?

2. What is your goal? Sometimes it is good to have a series of small goals that lead to a larger goal.

3. Do you think you will need a mentor? If so, write a mentor “job description.” Do you have an idea for someone to act as you mentor? If so, send me an email with their name and contact info.

4. How will you evaluate your success? Remember that you will assign your final score out of 100. However, you need a scoring rubric, a method of assigning these points. You do not need the scoring rubric yet, but you should be thinking about it.

5. What supplies will you need? Where will you get them? Will there be a cost? How will you pay for supplies?

6. Where will you do your project? At home? In class? A combination of both. We have limited space to store lots of large projects, but we will all work together to make things work.

7. Do you have a back-up plan in case your project does not work?

8. How can Mr. Minato help you?

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